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Height Increase Shoes for Men

height increase shoes for men


Street de Clara del Rey number 39, 3rth floor, door 327

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HiPlus is Original Brand and leading retailer of men’s elevator shoes for seeking distinction, elegance and trust company. Founded in 1989 and directed by Fernando Garcia has a great professional experience and a unique patented production system in Spain.

Design, quality and professionalism are the attributes that make Hiplus the leading brand. All our models are made by hand with first class leather. Our height increase system was not only been tested in our test lab, but also has excellent approval of our more than 70,000 customers over the past 34 years.

In HiPlus also carry exclusive and customized shoes for each client depending on their needs, being specialists in custom shoes.

The HiPlus model, due to higher carrying inside, you can relieve some back and neck pain, distending the tendon of the foot or less tired of it.
Grow from 5-10 cm with HiPlus!

Fernando García de HiPlus
Height INcrease Shoes
34 aniversario ingles

34 Years helping men to be taller in the best easy way